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Perfecting the Art of Cannabis Cultivation

We cultivate our flower in-house, carefully breeding each strain for unique qualities, aromas, flavors, and effects. Not sure which strains are right for you? 

Keep scrolling for a handy guide to the High Country Healing Cannabis Strain library, and find everything you need to discover a new favorite.

Blue Label

Mentally Uplifting

Energizing and cerebral, our budtenders recommend Blue Label Sativa’s for blissful, giggly social consumption. 

Blue Label Sativa’s can help you tackle creative projects, dream-up solutions to unique challenges, or get you and your friends in the mood for an excellent day in the mountains.

Black Jack Strain, 24% THC
Black Jack brings a potent, creative boost with notes of sweet citrus and pine. 

Chiesel Strain, 22% THC
Chiesel is all about good vibes and uplifting, cerebral energy.

Cookies Strain, 26% THC
Cookies boosts your mood as you settle into a full-body euphoric experience.

Ghost OG Strain, 23% THC
Balancing mind and body effects, Ghost OG is potent and non-intrusive.

Lemon Icing Strain, 29% THC
Lemon Icing is energetic, creative, and focused with a vibrant lemon cookie flavor.

Mandarin Cookies Strain, 28% THC
Mandarin Cookies delivers a pleasant, calming high with sweet citrus and diesel flavors.

Morris Code Strain, 21% THC
Creating a powerful indica-heavy bodily sensation, Morris Code calms and soothes weary nerves and tired bodies. 

Skunk Shocker Strain, 22% THC
Skunk Shocker promotes a healthy appetite and boundless creativity, commonly used to relieve stress.

Yellow Label

Physically Uplifting

Blending a mild body high with an energetic, targeted mental experience, High Country Healing budtenders recommend our Yellow Label Sativa strains as the ultimate cure for the daily grind.

Relax your body and stimulate your mind with strains to help you focus and get the job done.

AK-47 Strain, 20% THC
Energizing but mellow, AK-47 offers a long-lasting cerebral buzz that keeps you engaged.

Blueberry Headband Strain, 19% THC
Blueberry Headband is the ultimate stress buster with a sweet and fruity aroma.

Lilac Diesel Strain, 23% THC
Notes of citrus, earthy pine, and berries make Lilac Diesel a perfect afternoon indulgence.

Super Lemon Haze Strain, 30% THC
Zesty, citrusy, and sweet, Super Lemon Haze creates an energetic and lively effect.

Purple Label


Dulling the sharpness of a bad day, our Purple Label Indica Strains are the ultimate blend of mind and body relaxation that soothes aching muscles and quiets busy thoughts.

Our budtenders recommend these strains when it’s time for a bit of self-care. Pick up a Purple Label Indica when it’s time to relax solo with a good book or unwind with a good movie and good friends. 

Banana M.A.C. Strain, 23% THC
Creating a happy, creative, and tingly buzz, Banana M.A.C. is all about the good vibes.

Black Cherry OG Strain, 23% THC
Black Cherry OG gives a relaxing full-body experience guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Cookies & Cream Strain, 26% THC
Providing long-lasting relief, Cookies and Cream tastes as sweet as its effects.

Crescendo Kush Strain, 27% THC
Crescendo Kush is an indulgent delight with a sweet yet earthy cookie dough flavor.

Mandarin Temple Kush Strain, 27% THC
Mandarin Temple Kush is notorious for the uplifting and buzzy experiences it creates.

Member Berry Strain, 22% THC
Member Berry is a fruity treat, bringing a long-lasting high with happy, euphoric effects.

Purple Sunset Strain, 24% THC
Creating a calming and relaxing high, Purple Sunset helps you unwind and stay chill.

Red Label


High Country Healing budtenders recommend our Red Label Indica’s when you need restful sleep.

Our sleepiest strains are also excellent for muscular relaxation and general pain relief. So is it any wonder that these are some of the most popular strains we grow?

Berkel Strain, 21% THC
Berkel will send you off to dreamland with a powerfully relaxing full-body effect.

Confucius Kush Strain, 24% THC
Euphoric, happy, and giggly, Confucius Kush is all about the sweetest dreams.

Member OG Strain, 28% THC
The easy-going Member OG overwhelms the senses with the aroma of sweet berries to help you take the edge off. 

OG Kush Strain, 28% THC
Uplifting and powerful, OG Kush blends strong euphoria and intense cerebral effects.

Titty Sprinkles Strain, 23% THC
Titty Sprinkles is the sweetest way to relax and unwind with grape candy undertones.

Tripple OG Strain, 26% THC
An excellent remedy for sleepless nights, Tripple OG is potent and relaxation-inducing.

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