Learn how to keep your cannabis fresh, potent, and delicious in this blog.

Like other perishable goods, cannabis products need to be stored properly for a peak consumption experience.

To help ensure your weed is as fresh as possible, our Vail budtenders are here with a guide to proper long-term weed storage for:

And whatever other forms of cannabis you prefer.

Why do cannabis products need to be stored properly?

Just as a carton of milk left on the counter can spoil, storing cannabis in an unsuitable temperature and humidity can interfere with proper curing and negatively impact cannabinoid and terpene content. If you store your weed in extreme conditions, it might even spoil or grow mold.

Keeping cannabis in a cool dry place—avoiding high temperatures and maintaining proper humidity—is a great way to make sure your weed is stored properly. It’s also a reason we advise customers not to store weed in plastic bags.

Plastic bags have a static charge that can strip off trichomes and other good stuff. More importantly, they expose your cannabis to UV rays. When it comes to keeping cannabis as fresh as possible, light is just as important as temperature and humidity, so storing your weed in a dark place is essential.

What are the best ways to store your cannabis flower?

The best way to store cannabis is in an airtight container that can be kept in a dark place. Here are some of our favorite storage solutions:

Smiling woman holding a glass jar of weed
  1. Use easy paper baggies

    If you need a short-term storage option while you’re out and about, a small waxed paper bag is a better choice than a Ziploc. It will keep out light and there are no static cling problems.

  2. Get going with a travel container

    For long trips and cannabis-tinged excursions, we like these dedicated modular travel storage boxes to keep your weed safe wherever you roam.

  3. Use classic mason jars

    Cheap and easy to find, mason jars are airtight, but they do let in light, so make sure you store them somewhere dark.

  4. Upgrade to UV-proof glass jars

    If you like to keep your cannabis out in the open, check out UV-proof glass jars, which can block light while keeping weed dry.

  5. Test out a stylish ceramic option

    There’s no reason that weed storage can’t have a little verve! Ceramic jars made by our favorite local Vail artists keep your cannabis under wraps and block those pesky rays.

  6. Make your jar airtight

    Keeping out the air makes maintaining quality that much easier. Spring for a container with a vacuum seal to keep your weed fresh.

  7. Spring for a smart jar

    Made specifically for storing cannabis, this jar has built-in humidity sensors to ensure your stash stays safe, as long as you store it somewhere dark.

  8. Or an even smarter box

    UV-blocking, child-proof, pet-proof, and perfect for the type A organizers among us, these smart boxes make storing your cannabis a positively futuristic endeavor.

  9. Add a humidity pack

    If you live somewhere with lots of rainfall or generally humid air and don’t have a smart jar, adding humidity packs keeps unwanted moisture away from your weed.

  10. Invest in a humidor

    If you’re a true cannabis connoisseur who likes to keep flower around for the long haul, it’s worth investing in a humidor. Designed for cigars, they’re perfect for weed as well.

How do I know if my pot has gone bad?

If you didn’t store your cannabis properly and are concerned it may have gone bad, here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Weed looks dried out or powdery
  • There are fuzzy, white growths on the flower
  • Weed crackles or is silent when pulled apart
  • Your stash smells funky or has no smell at all
  • Tastes strange when smoked

Most of the time, old weed isn’t bad for you, but it’s much less fun to consume. In general, it’s smarter to steer clear!

How do I store edibles?

Store edibles with the same care you’d use for any other perishable food. If you don’t intend to consume them for a while, keep them in a sealed container in a cabinet, fridge, or freezer. When in doubt, store your edibles using the same methods you’d use for the same type of food if it didn’t have cannabis in it.

a jar full of cannabis gummy bears next to a pot leaf
two cannabis vape cartridges and a weed bud

How should I store my cannabis carts?

Cannabis carts are a little hardier than flower, but that doesn’t mean you can store them any way you like! The oil in vape pens and cartridges can spoil, so avoid excess heat, light, or humidity. Store your cartridges upright, and keep them in the freezer if you don’t intend to consume them for a long period of time.

How should I store cannabis concentrates?

The general rules of cannabis storage apply to concentrates, but the type of container used depends on your variety of concentrate.

  • Silicone jars are good for short-term storage of most concentrates.
  • Glass is better for budder, crumble, sauce, and sugars.
  • Shatter can be stored using wax paper.
  • For long term storage, keep your concentrates in the freezer.

How do you store cannabis tinctures?

Unlike other forms of cannabis, tinctures have a near indefinite shelf life when stored properly, meaning they’re a great product to keep on hand for unexpected weed emergencies. Amber and blue dropper bottles last longer than clear ones, and alcohol distillates last longer than glycerin based tinctures. Kept in a dark freezer, an alcohol based tincture can last for literally years, if not decades.

cannabis tincture in an amber dropper jar next to cannabis flower bud

How do you store THC topicals?

Topicals generally come in light-blocking jars or other containers, so you should be able to store them in your bathroom cabinet like any other cosmetic or topical treatment. Check the expiration date on your product (most are good for a year or two), and, as always, steer clear of high temperatures, humidity variations, and exposure to light.

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