Here’s everything we think you should know about indica cannabis strains.

Customers often ask our budtenders to describe the difference between the various strains we offer. While many people know the two major cannabis classifications—sativa and indica—there’s still a lot of confusion about what indica weed is.

We’re here to help with an insider’s guide to the top indica strains, including what strains are indica, a description of indica strain benefits, and a look at the different indica strains we stock that you should explore.

What Are Indica Strains?

First things first: what are indica-dominant strains?

Despite what most people believe, there aren’t many objective, biological differences between sativa and indica-dominant strains.

Both strains are crossbred from cannabis plants to create various effects, flavors, and aromas that provide an enjoyable experience. If a flower type is on the indica weed strains list, that indicates how it might make you feel.

How Do Indica Strains Make You Feel?

Indica is a term for cannabis strains that create a calming, sedating effect. Indica strains often produce a deeply soothing, almost meditative body high. The highest THC indica strain options are even known for inducing “couch lock” that will put you in classic stoner mode. 

While recreational consumers often select cannabis from the indica strains list to relax, medical cannabis patients typically select indica strains to stimulate appetite, induce sleep, and ease stress.

How Terpenes Shape Your Indica Experience

Not all indica strains create the same effect. To determine the difference, ask your budtender about terpene content. Looking at terpene content is more precise than simply seeking the highest indica THC level, and it will help you better understand the effects a strain will produce.

Terpenes don’t just contribute to flavor and aroma, they can also determine which indica strains will provide the desired experience. Here are the terpenes to pay attention to when selecting indica strains:

Myrcene: the most prominent terpene in indica strains, a strain is considered indica if it has over 50% of this terpene. It creates a warm, sedating effect.

Beta-Caryophyllene: anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting, this common indica terpene creates a profoundly calm and embodied experience.

Linalool: excellent for anxiety, this terpene helps quiet the mind and creates a soothing, meditative experience.

Limonene: mood-boosting in a mellow, low-key way, this terpene supports appetite and helps users stay on the sunny side.

Humulene: known for its anti-inflammatory properties, indicas high in this terpene are an excellent choice for soothing aches and pains.

How Many Indica Strains Are There?

Because there are so many hybrids, it’s hard to say how many indica strains exist; however, there are over 700 known cannabis strains, so if we assume that about ⅓ of them are indica, that’s around 250 indica strains! There are many strains to explore, but we’re here with some specific recommendations to help you get your desired effect.

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What Indica Strains Are for Relaxation?

Does indica make you tired? With the right strain, you can balance relaxation with sleepiness and unwind without drifting off to dreamland. Here are some of our favorites:

What Indica Strains Are for Sleep?

If you’re ready to kiss insomnia goodbye, the best indica strain for sleep can make a huge difference. Here are our budtenders’ top picks for the best indica strains for sleep:

What Indica Strains Are for Pain Relief?

Indica is known for its ability to ease minor aches and pains. Here are the strains our budtenders reach for when they need a little physical relief:

What Indica Strains Are for Appetite?

If you’re looking to boost your calorie intake, does indica make you hungry? Yes! Specific strains can stimulate appetite. Here are some popular indica strains that will give you the munchies:

What Are the Best Indica Strains for Anxiety?

When your mind is running a million miles a minute, the right indica strain can help slow you down. Here are our budtenders’ picks for the best indica strains to reduce anxiety:

What is the Best Strain of Indica?

We’re often asked to recommend the best strain of indica. At the end of the day, there isn’t a single best option; it all depends on what you’re looking for! To find the best indica strain, check those terpenes, consult our list, or come in for an in-person convo with a friendly budtender who will help you get the exact indica experience you’re looking for.

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What Is the Best Time of Day To Smoke Indica-Dominant Strains?

Once you’ve found your perfect indica strain, when is the best time to indulge? Once again, it all depends on the experience you want.

Since indica is so profoundly relaxing, many people enjoy smoking indica strains toward the end of the day. When there’s nothing left on your to-do list, kicking back and settling in for a deeply soothing experience is hard to beat.

However, if you enjoy a lazy afternoon, consuming indica earlier in the day will help you get there.

Whether you’re smoking up before a meal to boost your appetite or enjoying a post-workout toke to ease aching muscles, the best time to indulge in indica is whenever it’s best for you.

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