The “greenest” holiday is around the corner. Here are some celebration tips from our expert budtenders (and a sneak peek at our 4/20 deals). 

April is here, and it comes with a chance to celebrate 4/20, the most important day on the cannabis calendar. 

At HCH Vail, we’re constantly fielding questions from locals and visitors about how to celebrate 420 in Colorado’s high country properly. 

So we asked our budtenders for their favorite ways to celebrate the day. Keep reading and get some tips for a perfect 4/20 celebration of your own. 

How Should You Celebrate 4/20?

So what’s the best way to celebrate 4/20? 

Our budtenders say it’s a matter of personal style—know your limits and consume accordingly. There’s only one master rule for the day – start on a high note (pun intended). 

“I start 4/20 with a wake and bake in bed, and then I pack some goodies to share with friends,” says budtender Joe L. 

Enjoying cannabis in bed alongside your morning coffee is the perfect way to indulge; it makes 420 feel like a special occasion (it is a special occasion, after all). 

(By the way, if you doze off again or spend the day in bed with Netflix and a snack, that’s entirely acceptable.) 

Man lighting cannabis joint on a table with marijuana buds and plants

And if you’re generous like Joe and plan to spread the 4/20 love (with 21+ adults, of course – let’s keep things legal), you might borrow from High Country Healing budtender Chris N, who says he likes to start the day organized.

 “I like to roll out all my joints for the day in the morning; that way, all I have to worry about is losing my lighter!” He says. 

Who says cannabis connoisseurs are lazy? High Country Healing’s budtenders prove that sometimes a lot of planning goes into successfully celebrating our favorite holiday. 

Edibles or Inhalables – What Should You Choose?  

Our budtenders are there with you if you prefer to eat – rather than inhale – your cannabis. 

 Edibles make the perfect 420 indulgences, whether you’re channeling your inner Martha Stewart and baking a batch of dosed delicacies or snag treats from High Country Healing to consume throughout the day (carefully – remember, start low and go slow). 

 HCH budtender Steve B enjoys the best of both worlds. 

 “I start 4/20 with a dab,” he says, “Then I maintain that elevated feeling with Dialed In Gummies.” And with Steve’s favorite gummies on a 50% off BOGO this 4/20, it’s the perfect time to indulge (learn more below). 

Cannabis edible pieces close close up

For budtender Doug J, the perfect 420 edibles blend relaxation and energy. 

 “I like to eat 1906 Go Beans in the morning to maintain my energy throughout the day,” he says. 

Blending caffeine, medicinal herbs, and cannabis, 1906′ energizing Go Beans are a solid 4/20 selection.

What Should I Smoke on 4/20?

Portrait of posh chic virile bearded brutal man smoking marijuana joint, wearing brown fur gypsy style - hip hop pimp stylish guy lighting up weed (cannabis) blunt at the green background outdoors

HCH budtenders agree that 420 is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the classics; flower never goes out of style. 

Our expertly cultivated strains are perfect for the occasion. There’s something for everyone, from cerebral and energizing blue label sativas to relaxing red label indicas. 

And HCH budtender Mike Q has a pro tip to make indulging easy: “I always place an online order on 4/20 to avoid crowds and lines,” he says.

But if you’re in the mood to mix it up with other cannabis consumption methods, you couldn’t find a better occasion. 

 “On 4/20, I celebrate all the different ways to consume cannabis,” says budtender Dylan S. “Dabs, bong rips, edibles, it’s all on the table.” 

 We put together an inspiring collection of 420 deals, so it’s the perfect time to explore new products and strains.

High Country Healing 4/20 Deals

4/20 is the perfect opportunity to explore new cannabis brands and products. We’re offering special discounts on the following: 

  • 1906: Drops are $20 out the door, and you can get a $0.01 1906 Discovery Pouch on 4/20
  • 1:1: get an additional 25% off 4/15-4/20
  • The Greenery: get 50% off on 4/20
  • Keef Kola: from 4/15-4/18, when you buy a house 8th, you can get a 10mg Keef Kola for $1, and on 4/19 and 4/20, you can get 40% off all Keef drinkables 
  • Mary’s Medicinals: get an additional 30% off 4/15-4/20 
  • O.Pen Vape: get an additional 25% off on 4/20
  • Olio: get an additional 25% off solventless on 4/20
  • Quiq: get an additional 25% off on 4/20
  • The Lab: get an additional 25% off on 4/20
  • SUMMIT: get 50% off on 4/20
  • West Edison: $15 grams 4/18-4/20
  • Wana: 25% off from 4/15-4/20
HCH Snowflake

4/20 BOGO’s: 

Also, stop by on 4/20 to discover one day only specials on products from:

Where to Celebrate 420?

For some HCH budtenders, 4/20 is about getting high in more ways than one. 

 “I start 4/20 with a dab of my favorite rosin before heading to the mountain for some spring riding,” says budtender Carlee M. 

Others enjoy a brief hike or lounging in a park.

But if you prefer the great indoors (ensure your host, hotel, or Air BnB allows consumption), hosting a 4/20 party with the help of a BOGO deal or two is an excellent idea. 

 Still, if you opt to head outside, keep in mind that consuming cannabis in public spaces is 100% illegal; don’t disrupt your 4/20 with a legal mistake. 

Woman with raised hands relaxing on top of the mountain, looking at beautiful summer landscape. View of Long Peak, Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, USA.

However you choose to celebrate, budtender Jack G recommends that you ask your designated driver to stop for supplies. “I usually hit the dispensary early on my way to the mountain and then again after if I didn’t get my fill,” he says. 

 *Please consume responsibly. Understand your tolerances, and make wise choices.  

Where to Eat in Eagle-Vail on 4/20? 

You’re going to get hungry on 4/20. It’s a certainty. 

 Maybe you’re organized like our budtender Lindsey M, who says, “to ensure my 4/20 is stress-free, I get my munchies and smoking supplies the night before.” 

 However, if you’re feeling spontaneous, our budtenders provided some of their favorite local restaurant recommendations in Vail and Avon:

However you choose to celebrate 4/20, our budtenders emphasized that it’s important to honor your limits and go at your own pace. 

 As High Country Healing budtender Aylcia D reminds us, “I like to start 4/20 off slowly. But, remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and there’s plenty of weed to go around!