It's almost time to celebrate the more potent side of cannabis. So, if you're interested in the world of concentrates, look no further than this blog.

When it comes to cannabis celebrations, 4/20 gets all the glory. Dab day is lesser-known (7/10) but it’s just as fun – especially if you’re a fan of the more potent side of cannabis (concentrates). 

What is 710?

First, for those of you who are unfamiliar, what is 710 day?

July 10th marks a special moment in any cannabis fan’s calendar. Where 420 celebrates cannabis in general, dab day is explicitly devoted to concentrates.

Dabbing enthusiasts may take the opportunity of using the day to enjoy their favorite cannabis consumption form. For cannabis consumers unfamiliar with dabbing, it can be the perfect chance to try a new way of enjoying your favorite herb.

What is a Dab?

To celebrate 710 dab day, you’ll need the right equipment. But what is dab smoking? And what is 710-friendly?

710-friendly means you’re interested in smoking dabs; concentrated cannabis with various flavors, textures, and other features, including a range of colors from dark brown to translucent white. Dabs tend to be named for their unique texture, which is caused by the processes used in their extraction methods.

However, whatever their difference, all dabs are highly sticky and can be messy to handle. This is why you need specialty equipment called a “dab rig” to smoke them (don’t worry, we’ll get to that later!)

Why is it Called 710?

School’s out for summer, but let’s have a little history lesson anyway! What is 710, what do we celebrate on 7/10, and what does 710 mean? 

It comes from the magic that happens when you turn your frown and calendar upside down. The link between 710 day, meaning dab oil day, was created because when you turn it on its head, the date 7/10 looks a little bit like the word OIL.

When Did Dab Day Start?

While the history of dab day isn’t confirmed, whoever came up with the idea of celebrating the 710 weed holiday must have been in a creative state of mind!

As far as we can tell, people have wished each other a happy 710 day since 2012. We don’t know precisely who originally came up with the idea of 710 dab celebrations, but in the decade since the event was invented, dab day has been growing in popularity.

Why is 710 Dab Day?

How did the 710 oil resemblance lead to celebrations of dab day? We don’t know, but that link is why 710 became dedicated to dabbing. The playful parallel between the date of July 10th and a cannabis consumption many people love was enough to solidify the link.

710 dabbing can be a great way to celebrate with fellow dabbing enthusiasts or to take the opportunity to join the oil fan club.

Dab Rig & Cannabis Concentrate Oil on a table

How Do You Consume Concentrates?

If you’re curious about celebrating dab day 710, you’ll need a dab rig. This can be an electronic, e-rig, a dab pin, or any device used to vaporize cannabis concentrates.

Most dab rings resemble a classic bong used to smoke flower, with a glass piece that includes a water chamber. However, where a bong has a bowl for flower, a dab rig has a “nail” where sticky tab oil is placed.

To smoke the oil, dabbers typically heat the nail with a torch, allowing it to cool to the desired temperature before placing the dab. Dabbing is a much higher heat process than smoking flower, with dabs vaporized at around 500 degrees.

Celebrating Oil Day – 710 tips

Now that you’ve got the inside info, you’re ready to celebrate dab day—High Country Healing is here to help! Here are our inside tips for enjoying the best dab day yet.

710 Deals

At High Country Healing, we offer a ton of amazing 710 deals, which you can find on the menu section of our website. In addition, discounts on various dabbing products like rosin, shatter, and live badder will help make your dab day great!

For more tailored recommendations, stop by in person and get tips from our friendly budtenders. They’re on hand with their top picks for 710 products. In addition, they can help set you up with a new dab rig or another smoking device.

Colorado 710 Events

420 might get all the love, but the Colorado cannabis community has been stepping it up with some seriously awesome 710 events to enjoy.

Get creative at the special dab day edition of Tokes & Brushstrokes, a 420-friendly painting event that offers a safe and legal space to consume BYO cannabis (while chowing down on a taco or two).

If you like to pair your painting with a mimosa or two, there’s also MJ & Mimosas, a BYO cannabis puff and paint class hosted by a professional artist.

For a wholesome 710, enjoy an elevated morning flow at Secret Stash Yoga, partaking in solo cannabis consumption beforehand or unwinding with a community ganja circle after class.

While they’re not official 710 events, if you’re feeling giggly after indulging, 710 day is a great time to check out some comedy. Take in a set at the Boulder Comedy Show, or go see live standup at Red Curb Comedy.

Try New Concentrates

If you’re a veteran smoker, 7/10 is a great time to try something new. Here are a few of our recent faves:

Produced with nothing more than pressure and heat, 710 Lab’s Live Rosin in Ghost Hulk #25 is an excellent single-source option for new dabbers.

710labs Cannabis Concentrate on a Dab Nail

If shatter’s more your scene, check out this Siriusly Minty style from Kush Masters, offering up a complex flavor experience.

Siriusly Minty Shatter: Kush Masters Connoisseur Extracts Container

For a soft and luscious wax, we recommend Billo’s Birthday Cake. It’s highly potent, and with an immediate activation time, it’s perfect for experienced consumers.

Cannabis Wax Concentrate in white jar

Just as sweet as it sounds, Harmony’s SUGAR Gelato x Mimosa concentrate is ultra-tasty and packs a serious punch.

Cannabis Concentrate Sugar wax in clear jar

A little more laid back, DADIRRI’s Bubble Hash is the ultimate versatile concentrate. It can be used as a bowl topper, tucked inside joints, smoked alone, or compressed into rosin.


A little more laid back, DADIRRI’s Bubble Hash is the ultimate versatile concentrate. It can be used as a bowl topper, tucked inside joints, smoked alone, or compressed into rosin.

Dab at 7:10 PM

Once you’ve got your dab products and gear lined up, 7:10 PM is the perfect time to dab if you want to do oil day right. Indulge in your favorite concentrate and lift a pipe to dab lovers worldwide!

How Not to Overconsume On Dab Day

Last but not least, if you’re unfamiliar with dabbing, you must be cautious as you celebrate. Here are a few tips to avoid overconsumption:

Start Low and Go Slow
The golden rule for all cannabis consumption, starting with a minimal dose is always the way to go. Even if you’re a seasoned flower smoker, take it easy—dab is much more potent than flower.

Wait to Feel the Effects
While dabs typically kick in immediately, it’s worth taking a break if you don’t feel you’re high enough after your first dose. Give your body time to adjust and ensure you’re not experiencing a delayed onset so you don’t overindulge.

Try a CBD-Rich Product
If you want to dab but are concerned about the THC content, a CBD dab concentrate is the way to go. It offers an authentic dabbing experience without the potentially overwhelming psychoactive effects.

Ask Your Budtender for a Personalized Recommendation
Last but not least, your budtender knows best! Let them know you’re interested in celebrating 710 day, and they’ll talk you through the ins and outs of successful dabbing.

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