Your top cannabis edibles questions answered.

Our Eagle-Vail dispensary team often fields questions from customers seeking an exceptional edibles experience.

It’s understandable; edibles are an increasingly popular consumption method that appeals to consumers of all ages and backgrounds, but they’re rife with mystery and stories of unpleasant experiences.

(New York Times writer Maureen Dowd famously expressed her failed edibles experience after a trip to Colorado in 2014. You can read her amusing story here.) 

So we put together this handy cannabis edibles consumption guide. 

Keep reading to learn answers to common questions like, “how long does it take edibles to kick in?”, “how long does an edible last,” and “are there any side effects of edibles I should be worried about?”

Let’s dive in.

What is an edible?

Let’s start with a definition—what are edibles, anyway?

To put it simply, an edible is any cannabis-infused food, drink, or other consumable. THC edibles have psychoactive effects, while CBD-only edibles are relaxing, calming, and subtle, with no psychoactivity (assuming it’s not combined with THC).

Cannabis edible pieces close close up

What are the different types of edibles?

Many cannabis consumers remember having less-than-ideal edibles experiences before and after legalization. Dosing was unpredictable, and most of the available products were incredibly potent.

Fortunately, things have changed thanks to improved processes and extraction technologies.

Today’s edibles are predictable, often offer faster onset times, and are socially consumable (for consumers trying to avoid couch-lock).

Here are some of our favorite types of cannabis edibles:

midnight chocolate edibles


Cannabis-infused chocolates are a delicious twist on the classic candy. Cannabis chocolates come in many flavors, from dark chocolate to milk and cookies.

Tastebudz Palisade Peach Gummies


Gummies are the most common cannabis edibles you’ll find on dispensary shelves, and they’re available in every flavor under the sun. For example, try a multi-flavor pack of rosin gummies or peach-flavored gummies.

Baked Goods

Any baked good can be turned into a cannabis edible. Cookies remain a popular choice, although this stroopwafel caramel brownie is a great alternative.

KEEF Sparkling H2O Blood Orange Soda


Edibles and alcohol can be risky (we don’t recommend mixing vices), but if you like to sip instead of nibble, opt for a THC-infused soda.

Bliss Drops

Capsules / Tablets

THC capsules and tablets are often paired with other herbal ingredients to amplify your happiness or focus

Mountain High THC CBD Cherry Sucker

Hard Candy

Great for delivering a gradual edible dose as the candy dissolves slowly, edible cannabis in hard candy form can come as classic lozenges or in a playful lollipop.

Relief High CBD Microdose Sublinguals


Flavorless dissolvables deliver an easy-to-consume, targeted dose of high-quality cannabis. Here’s the best part: you can add them to any food or drink for an instant edible.

Where can you consume edibles in Vail?

Because cannabis is still federally illegal, cannabis consumption in Vail is limited to privately owned locations like homes and hotels.

If you’re visiting, check with the property owner of your vacation rental to ensure they’re ok with consumption.

What happens if you get caught with edibles on public property? The same rules apply to all forms of public cannabis possession, with a fine of $100 applied for public displays of use of 2oz of cannabis or less.

How do you know how many edibles to eat?

Talk to your budtender, and check the packaging.

We recommend that consumers follow the “start low and go slow” principle when determining edible dosage.

Eat only the recommended serving indicated on the package and give yourself enough time for the dose to kick in before you re-up.

How many mg of THC are in edibles?

When purchased from a dispensary, any product with THC or CBD will include dosage guidelines. 

An average edible has between 5 and 10 milligrams of THC, while others are significantly more potent. 

Dosage depends on many factors, so we encourage you to ask your High Country Healing budtender for more info. Or, at the very least, you should consult a cannabis edibles dosing chart

How long does it take for edibles to kick in?

Can edibles hit instantly? Typically no, which is why inexperienced consumers often accidentally overconsume.

Still, you’ll have nothing to worry about if you start low and go slow.

So how long do edibles take to work? It takes between half an hour and two hours to feel the full effects.

However, brands offer faster onset products capable of producing effects within 5 to 15 minutes. So, talk to your budtender! They’ll help you find the best products for your goals.

How long does an edible high last?

Most sources say that the maximum time for edible effects to linger is around 12 hours, with some minor residual effects lasting up to 24 hours. But most edible experiences peak within four hours.

What does an edible high feel like?

Once you’ve consumed it, what will you feel?

Like, cannabis flower, it depends mainly on the style of strain you select.

Sativa edibles tend to offer energetic experiences, while indica edibles are sedating. Still, the conversation is nuanced, and much more goes into your experience than a three-strain box (indica, sativa, hybrid).

Terpenes, minor cannabinoids, the entourage effect – all of these additional factors can impact your overall experience. That’s why it’s always a good idea to talk to a budtender about your goals.

Do edibles have side effects?

If you overindulge, edibles may make you feel overwhelmed and paranoid.

But our budtenders say don’t stress! Start low and go slow; if you happen to overconsume, don’t panic. Instead, take a nap, hydrate, and you’ll be fine.

How does the body process edibles?

The human body processes edibles differently than it does inhalable forms of cannabis.

For example, the cannabinoids within an edible often travel through your digestive tract to the liver, where the THC binds to receptors so you can feel its effects.

That’s why the experience is distinct compared to inhalable cannabis consumption styles.

What to do if you overused edibles?

If you forgot to start low and go slow, don’t worry, all is not lost.

Simply create a relaxing environment for yourself where you can ride out your edible experience with a little nap.

Drink plenty of water, and lie down somewhere peaceful and dark, with relaxing music. Let yourself drift away—you’ll feel much better when you wake up.

Can you microdose cannabis edibles?

Definitely. Microdosing cannabis is easy when you know how much THC or CBD a given product contains. Our top tip for microdosing edibles is to use a tincture so you can easily consume just a little at a time.

What are the best edibles for sleep?

If you’re looking to relax, edibles are a great bedtime solution. Indica edibles with CBN (the so-called “sleep cannabinoid”) are excellent sleep aids. Simply consume and catch some much-needed Zzzs.

THC Edibles Rules of Thumb

Now that you know the ins and outs of edibles, let’s review our budtenders’ rules for edibles consumption:

  • Pick your preferred style (chocolates, gummies, tablets, tinctures, drinkables, etc.)
  • Determine your dosage
  • Start low and go slow 
  • Ensure you understand where it’s legal to consume
  • Don’t combine alcohol with cannabis
  • Consider microdosing if you’re a new consumer
  • Purchase your cannabis edibles only from reputable legal dispensaries (like High Country Healing)
  • Consume an indica-heavy strain (perhaps with CBN) before bed if you need help getting restful sleep
  • Talk to our budtenders if you have questions
  • Have fun

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