Are you curious about the more potent side of cannabis? Here’s everything you should know about cannabis concentrates, including a few High Country Healing staff picks.

Even if you’re a seasoned user of cannabis flower, you might not be familiar with the world of marijuana concentrates. While there are many types of cannabis concentrates to explore, all extracts and concentrates are made using either chemical extraction methods or heat and pressure to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis flower, which delivers high THC levels and a concentrated smoking experience.

The HCH team is here to help with a guide to the wide world of concentrates, including what they are and how to consume these forms of cannabis. We’ll also share our favorite types of cannabis concentrates so you can start exploring.

What are the types of cannabis concentrates?

There are many types of marijuana concentrate made from cannabis plants. We’ll explain them in detail below, but here’s a handy list of the most common forms to get you started:

  • Budder
  • Crumble
  • Shatter
  • Sugar wax
  • Crystalline
  • THC oil
Cannabis Concentrate in jar

How are cannabis concentrates consumed?

There are several ways to consume cannabis concentrates; it all depends on the type of concentrate you prefer. Some sprinkle or wipe their concentrate onto plant material, which allows them to enjoy the aroma and flavors of cannabis flowers with an extra-high level of THC content. Others use a dedicated dab rig to consume cannabis extracts like butane hash oil. And then there are those who prefer vape pens with pre-filled vape cartridges of cannabis oil. Your method of consumption depends on the type of concentrate you choose.

Cannabis Live Resin

What is live resin?

Live resin is created with an extraction process where high-quality cannabis plant matter is flash frozen and blasted with a chemical solvent before being pressed. Depending on how the resin is treated during processing, the final product might be:

Cannabis Sugar in a jar


Extract with a crumbly, brown sugar consistency, typically high in THC.

Cannabis Budder in a Jar


A super soft, waxy extract with a sticky consistency and high terpene levels.

Cannabis Badder in a Jar


Another name for budder, a cookie dough consistency distillate with a soft, yielding texture.

Live Resin Cannabis Diamonds on Titanium Dab Tool with a White Background


Crystalline structures formed from live rosin left to separate during the curing process.

Cannabis Shatter

What is shatter?

One of the most common forms of cannabis concentrates, shatter is incredibly popular with concentrate enthusiasts. It looks like hard candy or stained glass, and it’s as potent as it is pretty. While it can be difficult to smoke without a rig, shatter remains at the top of the distillate game because of its potency. With upwards of 80% THC content, it’s one of the strongest concentrates out there.

Cannabis Shatter in a Jar

Cannabis Waxes

What is wax?

Packing as potent a punch as shatter but easier to smoke if you don’t have a dedicated rig, cannabis wax can be smoked with a specialty vape pen designed for wax vaporization. It is soft, sticky, and aromatic, and it serves up a whopping 80-90% THC content with a higher level of terpenes and flavonoids than shatter typically contains, resulting in a more aromatic experience.

Cannabis Wax in A JAr

Cannabis Rosin

What is rosin?

Created using heat and pressure in a process originally dreamed up to create rosin for violin bows, rosin is a solventless cannabis extract, making it especially appealing for extract enthusiasts who are looking to keep their high-potency smoking experience all natural. Consumed with a dab rig or rosin vape pen, it packs a powerful punch without the solvents some cannabis users prefer to avoid.

Cannabis Rosin


What is hash?

One of the oldest forms of cannabis concentrate, hash making has been practiced for centuries, although modern methods are far more sophisticated than those Napoleon’s soldiers used! Like rosin, it’s solvent free, produced using physical processes and temperature manipulation to create various types of final products.

Dry sift hash

A collection of resin that has been sifted off cannabis flower through a series of mesh screens, dry sift hash is basically fancy kief. Flowers are agitated to break off dried resin and allow the trichomes to pass through a series of increasingly fine screens to create a powdery substance.

Bubble hash

Also called ice water hash, bubble hash is formed by submerging flower in ice water to freeze the trichomes. The liquid is agitated to break the trichomes free before filtering through screens in the same way dry hash is created. The resulting resin is dried to produce bubble hash.

Cannabis Dry Shift Hash
Bubble Hash - DIesel

High Country Healing Staff Picks

Of all the live resin products on our shelves that offer high concentrations of THC, terpenes, and all the other botanical good stuff we love, there’s one brand that stands out: Green Dot. Three of our budtenders named it as a current fave. While all the concentrates on our shelves go pretty hard, you can’t go wrong with Green Dot!

Doug says that Green Dot Fortissimo Rosin is the “Cleanest, stoniest, rosin I’ve ever smoked…. Straight GAS!!!!”

Jack C says their Lemon Gutter Rum is the “Perfect wake and bake rosin…. Great with coffee.”

And Alycia says their Dali Rosin has an “Amazing taste! Sweet and funky. My fav rosin to date. Effect was super stoney and chill at the same time!”

But with so many amazing brands to choose from, Green Dot isn’t the only staff favorite.

Scout said that the Summit Cheese Wiz is “Very cheezy!” with a “Great stoney chill high.” It’s the perfect concentrate for kicking back and chilling hard.

Joe also went for the supine vibes. His pick for his favorite concentrate is 1:11 Blue Velvet, which he calls, “The best relaxer at the end of the day to wind down after aspen peeping.”

Ready to discover a favorite concentrate of your own? Check out our online menu for a full list of all the best Colorado concentrates, and get ready for the ride of your life.