Are you a tourist hoping to get high in the high country? Here’s everything you need to know about public consumption in our region.

Ever since the State of Colorado legalized the recreational use of cannabis back in 2012, visitors to the Rocky Mountain State have been indulging in our incredible homegrown cannabis.

As legalization spreads across the rest of the United States, Colorado is ahead of the cannabis curve in terms of the quality, potency, and availability of products we can share with locals and tourists alike, so it’s no wonder the 84.2 million people who visit our great state each year are eager to explore.

As purveyors of high-quality recreational marijuana in the tourist hotspot of Vail mountain, we’re often asked the same question: Where should visitors consume the cannabis products they purchase at HCH?

We’re here to help with a comprehensive guide to public consumption, including where you can use weed, where you can’t, and our favorite cannabis consumption methods.

Where Can I Consume?

Because cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, there are a limited number of public places where you can safely and legally use cannabis. Your best bet is to enjoy your cannabis on private property, which largely falls into two categories.

The first is 420-friendly private locations, which come in a variety of types.

You can smoke weed in any private home or backyard, as long as the owner has invited you to do so. You can also consume cannabis in other types of private lodgings, such as vacation rentals, as long as you have the owner’s permission.

Some hotels in Vail are also 420-friendly. While state law prohibits vaping or smoking in your room, hotel staff will be happy to direct you to an outdoor smoking area or offer recommendations for another way to legally light up.

If you’re staying somewhere that doesn’t allow cannabis use, Colorado has a number of social clubs where visitors can legally consume cannabis. Visit one to indulge and connect with the local cannabis scene. You can also seek out one of our state’s many weed-friendly attractions, which include walking tours, painting parties, yoga sessions, and more. Whatever your hobby, there’s probably an enterprising Coloradan who’s found a way to combine it with cannabis.

Where Not To Consume

Now that you know where you can consume your Colorado cannabis, let’s look at the places that are off limits.

First up is federal lands. The federal government isn’t thrilled about people consuming locally permissible but federally illegal substances like cannabis on the land it manages, so keep your cannabis away from ski areas, nature paths, and other federally managed outdoor spaces.

Even if a local park is state run, it’s probably not a safe place to consume cannabis. In general, cannabis use is banned from outdoor places and public spaces in general, just as cigarette smoking is confined to specific zones. Even if you’re alone in an outdoor space, you should avoid lighting up to stay on the right side of the law.

Last but not least, don’t smoke in your car! Just like it’s as illegal to drink a beer in a car as it is to drink and drive, cannabis consumption in a vehicle is considered grounds for a DUI. Smoking in rental cars is a double no-no, so make sure you stow cannabis purchases in the trunk when you transport them from the shop.

Cannabis Consumption Methods

Now that you know the ins and outs of consuming cannabis in Vail, here are our favorite cannabis consumption methods and everything you need to know about using each of them safely, legally, and effectively.

cannabis flower being poured into hand

Flower – Pre-Rolls – Vaporizers – Concentrates

Smokables are the most classic form of cannabis consumption. Most visiting cannabis users are probably already familiar with it.

There’s flower, of course, and at HCH’s unique grow your own emporium, you can pick your cannabis strain of choice and harvest the buds yourself. Vaporizers offer a more discrete experience for public consumption. And if you’re really looking to indulge, concentrates can add an extra kick to your smoking experience.

The same rules of public consumption apply for all these smokable forms of cannabis, so study up before you light up!

Woman holding cannabis edible in the shape of cannabis leaf

Edibles and Drinks

If you’re in a place where smoking of all kinds is discouraged, edibles and drinks are a more discrete option for cannabis consumption. Staying in a hotel room, vacation rental, or Airbnb where cannabis use is okay but smoking isn’t allowed? Edibles are a great way to indulge without breaking any rules or getting stuck with expensive clean up fees.

Keep in mind that when it comes to cannabis edibles, it can be easy to overindulge. The THC in edibles takes longer to kick in, so start low and go slow when it comes to dosage to make sure you aren’t knocked out for the rest of the day!

women holding a cannabis tincture with a dropper and bottle


Last but not least are tinctures, one of the most gentle ways for new users to consume cannabis. Like edibles and drinks, tinctures are perfect for discrete consumption in areas where cannabis use is permitted but smoking isn’t allowed.

Tinctures also have the added benefit of precision dosing. Most come with droppers that allow you to see exactly how much THC you’re consuming, so you can make sure to dose yourself as gently as possible when you begin your cannabis journey.

Whatever mode of consumption you choose, knowing the rules is the secret to staying on the right side of the law. Be safe, legal, and have fun exploring the best cannabis Colorado has to offer!