Are you on a search for the ideal cannabis consumption method? Look no further than this blog.

Our budtenders love to help our customers find the form of cannabis consumption that suits them best, but maybe you’re cannabis curious and don’t have time for a consultation. What’s an aspiring psychonaut to do?

We’ve put together this helpful guide to the most common cannabis consumption methods, detailing the pros and cons of each one so you can figure out the best delivery method for you.


If you’ve encountered weed in the wild, it was likely via inhalation. This is the most traditional way of consuming cannabis flower. Here are the pros and cons of all the most popular inhalation methods:

Marijuana joint in the hand with smoke emanating

Smoking Cannabis Flower: Pros & Cons

When you smoke cannabis flower, the cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs, creating psychoactive effects. There are a number ways to turn cannabis flower into smoke, including:


Pro: An affordable and accessible consumption method, pipes widely available and simple to use.

Con: Because they’re often made of glass, pipes can break easily, making them a poor choice for on the go consumption.

Joints (Pre-Rolls)

Pro: Much easier than rolling your own joints, pre-rolls are increasingly popular for their variety and ease of use.

Con: Because someone else rolled it for you, pre-rolls are difficult to customize.


Pro: Bigger hits means more psychoactive impact, so you can enjoy a one and done smoking experience.

Con: Hits can be too strong for new cannabis users and may feel overwhelming.


Pro: Blunts burn slowly, offer a nice draw, and make for a more premium smoking experience.

Con: Blunt rolling papers may contain tobacco.

young bearded man holds a vape pen

Vaping: Pros & Cons

Vaping is a popular choice for people who prefer cannabis concentrate to flower and value discretion and convenience. Here are a few options when it comes to vaporizing cannabis:

Pro: Create a premium vaping experience with a higher level of control.

Con: Because they’re reusable, vaporizers often come at a higher cost.

Vape pens

Pro: Affordable and easy to enjoy on the go, vape pens offer a discrete experience.

Con: If you’re eco-friendly, the waste vape pens create will likely be a concern.

cannabis wax extract in container on sunset background, marijuana dab


There are a number of dabbing products to choose from, including cannabis extracts, resin, shatter, wax, budder, and crumble. While they can be differentiated by texture and flavor, they share similar pros and cons:

Pro: Dabs offer a super concentrated, high-impact experience.

Con: The equipment needed for dabbing can be challenging for beginners to master.

Ingestion: Pros & Cons

A popular option for consumers concerned with the risks associated with inhaled smoke, ingestion—the oral consumption of cannabis products—can take the form of edibles or sublingual tinctures (we’ll get to that later). Here are the most common pros and cons of orally consumable cannabis:

Woman holding an edible in the shape of a cannabis leaf

When we say edibles, we’re describing a growing category of products way beyond your college roommate’s lumpy brownies! The edibles on the market today include chocolates, gummies, baked goods, drinks, capsules, tablets, hard candy, and dissolvables. Here are the major pros and cons of edible consumption:

Pro: Edible consumption is a safer option for people with health conditions who are uncomfortable with inhalation. Get the benefits of cannabis while enjoying a tasty treat! What could be better? 

Con: The effects of edibles can take some time to kick in, so if you’re the impatient type it’s easy to overdo it. Plus, many edibles are fairly high in sugar.

Woman holding a dropper pipette sublingual Cannabis oil at black background

Sublingual: Pros & Cons

The perfect consumption method for people who don’t want the sugar edibles often contain, this type of product can be applied under the tongue sublingually, so your body absorbs the active ingredients without digestion. Here’s what you need to know about sublingual consumption:

This category includes both sublingual products and unflavored tinctures you can drop into your favorite drink, including a glass of water. Tinctures are an easy way to get cannabis into your bloodstream with no fuss.

Pro: Simple to use and easy to measure, tinctures provide an effective dose of relief when you need it most.

Con: While some people love the effortless nature of tinctures, the medicinal feel can feel less fun than more hands-on consumption methods.

Healthy woman with well manicured nails holds the bud of a marijuana plant illustrating the origins of an organic CBD balm in her other palm, used as holistic modern topical pain relief

Topical Cannabis: Pros & Cons

Last but not least, topicals are a less common way to consume cannabis, but they are perfect for soothing minor aches and pains. Transdermal patches used to be the most common form of topical cannabis, but topicals now come in all shapes and sizes. Here are the pros and cons of the most common options:


Pro: Soothing and often incorporating botanicals, cannabis balms are profoundly relaxing.

Con: For some people, the sticky texture of balm before it soaks into the skin can be an issue, especially if you’re not a balm fan in general.

Topical Oils

Pro: Perfect for massages and dry brushing, topical cannabis oils provide a spa day experience.

Con: Oils are fun, but they can get messy too! Make sure you allow them to soak completely into the skin, or you’ll have to deal with the clean up.


Pro: A cannabis lotion is a great way to effortlessly incorporate cannabis into your shower routine.

Con: Like balms, the texture of lotion can be an issue. If you don’t like lotion in general, adding cannabis won’t help.


Pro: Transdermals are a great way to target relief where you need it.

Con: Because they’re so focused, transdermals don’t offer a whole body cannabis experience.

Bath Products

Pro: Excellent for self-care, cannabis bath products offer a truly indulgent experience.

Con: Don’t like the lengthy spa day experience? Soaking takes too much time to work for some people.

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