Are you looking for a list of Vail, Colorado’s best dispensaries? If you are, look no further than this blog.

It’s no secret that Vail is home to some of the highest quality cannabis products Colorado has to offer. After all, we’re famous for our green spaces—from the natural beauty that attracts so many visitors to the kind of green you buy from your friendly neighborhood cannabis dispensary—and we’re proud to share it with the world.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, finding a dispensary that meets your needs is the secret to experiencing the best Vail has to offer. But with so many great options to explore, it can be difficult to know which of Vail’s cannabis dispensaries is the right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best Vail dispensaries for enjoying a high-quality cannabis experience. Read on to learn more about spots that are like no place on earth.

HCH Logo: High Country Healing Vail

1. High Country Healing Vail

We put ourselves in the top position because we’re a can’t miss dispensary for any cannabis enthusiast. Our local roots and family ties make us a genuine member of the Vail cannabis community.

With a curated array of cannabis products, from edibles and tinctures to topicals, flower, and vapes, we offer something for every type of cannabis consumer. You’re guaranteed to discover the best Colorado cannabis has to offer while browsing our shelves. High Country Healing guests always walk away with the absolute best version of what they came for, along with a surprise discovery or two!

Our knowledgeable staff of warm, experienced budtenders helps High Country Healing stand out from the crowd. Always ready with a recommendation and a smile, they’re prepared to talk shop with experienced consumers or help newbies safely enjoy the world of legal cannabis.

In addition to our wonderful staff, our vibe can’t be beat. We offer a totally unique PYOB, or Pick Your Own Bud experience. While most dispensaries only sling prepackaged flower grown, dried, and processed offsite, at High Country Healing Vail you’ll get the freshest cannabis flower possible, literally right off the plant. 

The High Country Healing team is so passionate about high-quality flower that we’ve developed a line of signature strains, each specifically bred to create the experience you’re looking for. From dreamy indicas designed to send you off to sleep to enlivening sativas that help you celebrate and explore your creativity, there’s something for everyone here. Whatever type of flower you prefer, the High Country Healing team has something special for you.

Whether you’re a Vail local or a visitor looking to explore, High Country Healing Vail is a can’t miss experience for any cannabis lover.

Roots Rx Logo

2. Roots Rx

Second only to High Country Healing is Roots Rx, a recreational dispensary that claims to provide Colorado’s most natural high.

While we wouldn’t go that far, the Roots Rx team’s commitment to doing things the greener way is undeniable, and they’ve got a robust loyalty program for committed cannabis consumers who live close to one of their six locations. 

As the name suggests, Roots Rx keeps their focus on the link between cannabis and wellness. While their Vail dispensary caters to recreational users, they advocate for the use of cannabis in self-care of all kinds, from supporting meditation to encouraging restful sleep. 

Roots Rx is great for easy pickups of standard cannabis products. They source from in and out-of-state suppliers, so if you’re looking for some of the biggest names in cannabis you’re sure to find them on the shelves of Roots Rx.

Rocky Road Logo

3. Rocky Road

As beloved as the ice cream that inspired its name, the Rocky Road dispensary is a great place for reasonably priced cannabis products served up by a friendly staff of budtenders.

Specializing in recreational cannabis for customers over the age of 21, Rocky Road offers a cozy boutique experience. You might not discover every product in the world on their shelves, but the selection they offer is well-curated, offering products from some of our favorite Colorado cannabis producers.

If you’re looking for amazing deals, hit up their daily cannabis happy hour. Every day from 11 AM to noon, they offer discounts on a selection of vapes, concentrates, and flower, along with some 1g prerolls for five bucks a pop. It’s a wonderful chance for budget-minded cannabis users to browse around and discover new products to take home and enjoy.

Native Roots Logo

4. Native Roots

Located on the bank of the Vail River, Native Roots is a cute little dispensary that’s worth a stop.

It all starts with the decor, which is much more eclectic and interesting than the standard beige and fluorescent look of old school dispensary chic. Native Roots has a fun wall adorned with graphic typology naming all the most popular forms of cannabis. It’s the perfect place to channel your inner cannabis influencer—yes, that’s a thing—and snap a selfie or two.

Once the photoshoot is over, it’s time to start shopping, and Native Roots has got plenty of good stuff to explore. Their budtenders are warm, helpful, and happy to recommend their favorite products for you to try.

Overall, Native Roots offers a down-home experience, think the cannabis dispensary equivalent of your favorite local coffee shop. Their menu has options in every category, including sour gummy edibles, pre-packaged flower, and concentrates of all types.

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