Did you over-consume? Don’t worry! These tips will help you maintain your cool.

It happens to the best of us. Perhaps you ate a little too much of that tasty new cannabis edible or decided to level up your THC dosage on a new strain of flower. Maybe you were smoking someone else’s cannabis products in a social situation and inadvertently took more than you’re used to.

However you ended up here, let’s start by putting your mind at ease: There’s no real danger or harmful side effects that result from taking too much cannabis. There have been absolutely zero recorded deaths or other adverse health outcomes other than a few unpleasant hours, so don’t panic, friend. You are safe and sound.

Still, that doesn’t mean you’re having a great time, and High Country Healing is here to help. As experienced budtenders, we know exactly what to do when you take too much. Here’s what you need to know about greening out, including the best ways to handle getting a little too high.

How Long Does “Greening Out” Usually Last?

Unlike other compounds that leave users exposed to actual physical danger, the effects of consuming too much cannabis are unpleasant, but not harmful. You’re at a higher risk if you don’t use THC frequently, consume high-potency cannabis products, or have decided to mix and match your intoxicants instead of sticking to pure THC. So now that you’re here, how long can you expect the experience to last?

The effects of cannabis can linger anywhere from one hour to a whole day, but your “green out” sensation won’t last that long. The overwhelming peak of a cannabis high can last for as little as ten minutes or up to the length of a stony afternoon. The best thing you can do is keep calm and ride it out. You’ll be out of the woods before you know it.


Think you might have taken too much? Here are the classic green-out symptoms to watch for:

  • Your heart rate is elevated or seems to be beating faster than usual
  • You’re experiencing a panicky, overwhelmed feeling
  • You vomit or experience nausea
  • You’re sweating more than usual
  • You’re experiencing feelings of dehydration
  • You feel a general anxiety or paranoia
  • You’re unable to distinguish imagination from reality
  • You feel overwhelmed or frightened

If you’re not experiencing any of these symptoms but are still feeling overwhelmed, you can still take our tips for de-escalating your stoned experience. The “too high” feeling is a subjective experience, so listen to your own body and mind your limits.

Tips To Help from Being Too Stoned

If you feel any of the symptoms listed above, if you just feel too high, or you’re otherwise overwhelmed with your cannabis consumption experience, we’re here to help. You can’t stop being high, but here are our budtenders’ top 10 tips to get you through that green out and enjoy your cannabis experience:

1. Keep Calm and Carry On

The most important thing to do when you’re in the middle of a green out is to stay calm. It might feel like forever, but this experience will pass before you know it, and panic will only make your symptoms worse. If you notice your mind is heading to a dark place, try to redirect your thoughts and stay centered. It will pass!

2. Phone a Friend

If you’re feeling swallowed up by sensation, talking to a trusted loved one can help ground you. Have your partner, trusted friend, or family member sit by you and chat or offer physical affection to calm you down. If you’re alone, hopping on the phone to call someone you love can help you stay grounded and centered.

3. Touch Grass

Nature is always healing, and that’s definitely true if you’re a little too stoned! Bring your green out to a safe, contained greenspace like your backyard. Lying on the grass and listening to the sounds of the natural world can help get you out of your head and blissfully into your body.

4. Listen to Music

Giving your mind positive stimuli to focus on during a green out can make the difference between a negative experience and an immersive one. Put on a favorite album and practice close listening, letting the music take you away. We find the right song can have a positively transformative effect.

5. Watch a Movie

If you’re a fan of visuals, something with a narrative focus can have a calming effect similar to what music offers. Now isn’t the time for horror flicks or high-tension action thrillers. Instead, opt for something relaxing and transporting, with great visuals to take you away. A favorite childhood cartoon is an especially soothing choice.

6. Meditate

Meditation is great at grounding you in the midst of any kind of stress, and a green out is no exception. Practice meditation techniques, like mindful breathing, to help calm down. Breathe in and out slowly on the count of ten, or try sitting quietly and listing everything you can hear, see, touch, taste, and smell.

7. Stay Hydrated

Feeling dehydrated or having a dry mouth is all too common when you’re overstimulated by cannabis, so drinking water can help ease many of your symptoms. Sip on a glass of ice water or relaxing herbal tea, or grab a flavored sparkling water for a little extra sensory stimulation.

8. Take a Rest

One of the best ways to handle a green out? Sleep it off. Your overstimulated body will likely be happy to slide out of consciousness and let you treat yourself to some truly crazy dreams. Get cozy, turn off the lights, and let your mind wander. Even if you don’t fall asleep, the relaxation will help the time pass quickly.

9. Get Creative

Once you’re feeling a little better, or if you’re simply too high and jittery to rest, allowing your creative mind to kick in can help your judgemental, worrying self take a back seat. Break out the adult coloring books, do a little sketching, or make a quick salt dough you can mold into mini sculptures.

10. Practice Self Care

Last but not least, when you’re feeling too high the best thing you can do is to create as soft and nourishing an experience as possible. Now is the time to listen to your instincts and do the things that help you relax, whether that’s taking a hot bath, or playing a favorite game. Try to enjoy yourself, and remember that this too shall pass!

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